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Modding Instructions
Modding tutorial 9th October 2009:
Modding part 6.

This time we learn how to translate the East India Company to your own language.

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Designer's Blog
Blog 15th July 2009:
Naval warfare, part II.

Lead designer Kim Soares takes the helm of a frigate and shouts: "Port side, FIRE!"

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Designer's Blog: Official casual summer blog

Nitro Games moved to a new office

As a company we have grown quite a bit in comparison to the team we had last year. As a result of this, our office was getting quite cramped. I don't know about other developers, but our 100% male team was not the tidiest one either.

decoration Lead designer Kim Soares and producer Jussi Thtinen discuss in civilized manner who should carry the box with all the books.

Naturally the cleaning lady visits our office at least once a week, but the lack of empty table space was something she could not influence. Miscellaneous papers, notebooks, energy drink cans, soda bottles, stuffed toys (don't ask...), magazines, books, games, odd beer bottles from some party...

So, finding a new office space was a necessity. We liked the office building we were located in and didn't want to move, but there just wasn't any extra free office spaces. What could we do?

The building we are located in is actually an old school that was renovated into an office building. The old gymnasium hall was modified into a conference hall. This was the only available space big enough for us. After a few meetings with the building director he assigned the conference hall to us! Moving into a new office has never been so easy: we just carried everything from the 4th to the 3rd floor.

Now, after a few weeks, we have settled in quite nicely. There is more room - three conference rooms instead of just one, new furniture and all. Does everyone have a tidy work space now? No ;-)


White nights

As we Finns are up here in the north, this is the time of the year when the sun doesn't really set... even at night. Having endured many months of pitch black winter, the whole population is in somewhat of a euphoric state and wants to make the most out of it.

Most people use all, or at least a major part of their vacation during June and August. Multiple rock festivals and other big events are held every week in many different cities. Many Finns have summer cottages and small houses usually situated near lakes (we have 187,888 lakes here). They are used to get out of the city, to relax, and become one with the nature.

I'll start my vacation on Monday July 14th, but I'll be back in few weeks. At this point I would like to say that it has been great to see how active people have been in the EIC forum. A good summer to everyone and we'll get back in touch in August again!

Kim Soares

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