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Modding Instructions
Modding tutorial 9th October 2009:
Modding part 6.

This time we learn how to translate the East India Company to your own language.

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Designer's Blog
Blog 15th July 2009:
Naval warfare, part II.

Lead designer Kim Soares takes the helm of a frigate and shouts: "Port side, FIRE!"

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Ship Introduction - Sloop


Because of the enormous amount of sail related to the ships size, merchant sloops were very fast, but due to their small size they couldn't take large amounts of cargo. So they were mostly used for carrying small precious items, like gold or diamonds. With just over 10 cannons, the merchant sloops in East India Company are lightly armed for defence against minor, so they should avoid a confrontation with serious enemies. In a thight situation, a sloop should try to outrun its enemy, using the ability to outmanoeuvre large vessels. Due to their cheap price, they are good ships to start with.

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